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"Rhythm is the Soul of Life"

~Babatunde Olatunji


What I have come to understand,

over the years of dedicated study with Baba and various other teachers, is the transformative powers of rhythm through drumming and movement. 


What propels me

in this field of work is Baba’s clarity of mind that this material was intended to be passed on.


What inspires me

is the pure joy I gain from guiding people in rhythmic movement-in-sound.


One of the things I have heard most over the years from people

who hear about my rhythm through drum classes or see my performance ensembles is

“…….there is no way I could possibly play like that because I have no rhythm.”


The truth is if your heart is beating you have rhythm.

And I can give you some basic skills to tap into your innate rhythm through the drum.

Class Description


My classes are generally geared toward the beginner, but I also gladly welcome those with experience. 


I teach toward ensemble playing with an awareness around connection and the importance of the space between.


I love working with my classes on an ongoing basis so that we can build upon our skills and add more pieces to our repertoire.

Class Offerings


Class offerings will be based on interest, TBD.

Express Interest

Time and days to be determined.


Cost, with option of drop-in fee or discounted pack of multiple classes, TBD.

I supply all drums and percussion instruments from my beloved herd of wood & skin african style drums.



"I have had the privilege of both sitting in a drum circle with Jennifer and also having my daughter learn drumming from her.  We have both had amazing experiences.  What I find with Jennifer is that she is very captivating; percussion lives in her soul so deep that when she taps into it and invites you along, you can come with her to where she is going.  She has an amazing capacity to hold the space and the music and everyone in the circle while reading that space and creating what is needed from a new place EVERY TIME.  The infamous Baba clearly still lives through Jennifer and we get to experience that as well each time we drum with her.  Every time she creates a piece and shares it with our community, we are left resonating and vibrating at a higher level.  It's a special kind of magic to be sure. " 


Life Coach, Writer

"Drumming with Jennifer is not just fun — it feels like getting a psychic massage. By the time we’re through, I’m always really mentally focused and energized. It’s a great mental and physical tuneup that helps me be both happier and more effective afterward."


Donna, Developer Advocate

“Excellent at building rapport and bolstering confidence, Jennifer is a well-loved teacher. She builds foundational capacities for future success. She has an uncanny ability to differentiate her teaching to meet the needs of the students in front of her at any given moment. She inherently knows how to meet her students by creating a non-judgmental, safe space where creativity is given permission to thrive in an atmosphere of collaborative support. She is truly an expert at teaching sophisticated, multi-part rhythmic pieces, where students gain skills in nuanced communication, resilience and perseverance. They naturally become solution-oriented, problem solving co-creators in their world.”



"It is a great honor to give my strongest recommendation for Jennifer Nori. I have known and worked with her, first as a colleague at Waldorf High School of the Peninsula, where we collaborated on an unprecedented interdisciplinary program with her African-Style Drumming Ensemble that remains a highlight to this day, of both my professional and artistic career. 


In the years that followed I continued to assist Jennifer on her singular project of bringing to light the lessons of ancestral memory within the auto-ethnographic: through poetry and prose, music and visuals, she has brought to life uncanny revelations between her rich Native American and European heritages, along with her profound discipleship with the great Nigerian master of rhythm, dance and culture, Babatunde Olatunji.


Here at SF State, in 2013, we were very proud to invite Jennifer to participate on our annual ImprovisAsians festival panel to discuss her archival work, accompanied by a concert with students and faculty, in Knuth Hall, bringing the audience to their feet in appreciation.”



Dr.HM, SF State, Professor of Creative/World Music

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