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Connecting through rhythm is an experience grounded in time and centuries of cultural exchange. 


The entire nervous system has a way of resetting when we connect to ourselves and to others through basic skills in rhythmic movement and sound.


Are you interested? 


I have a passion for teaching people basic rhythmic skills through African-style drumming, geared toward ensemble playing, with fundamentals rooted in the teachings and foundations of Babatunde Olatunji. 


What will you gain?


  • Skills such as eye-hand coordination, listening, general organization within body, mind & spirit

  • Capacities of perseverance & resiliency while learning rhythmic patterns on the drum

  • Cultivation of joyful connection with self and others through pure rhythm


How will I teach you?


  • Introduce you to the language of the drum using Baba’s gun go-do pa-ta method

  • Teach both basic and more complex rhythmic patterns on the drum

  • Bring in other percussion instruments along the way

  • Orchestrate multiple part pieces as I guide you in ensemble playing

  • And….eventually perform what we have learned for family & friends!


“Everyone and every living thing revolves in rhythm” 

~ Babatunde Olatunji

Thank you for letting me know of your interest. Feel free to message me with any questions/requests and I would be happy to send along information about future classes

Please select any of the ensembles you are interested in. This will give me an idea of which classes to offer.

Thanks for submitting!

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